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Hello , I am

Praveen Kumar Sharma

I am a student of Delhi Technological University (DTU).

Computer Engineering 3rd Year

My Skills

C & C++

Java, Java SE, Java Swing, JavaFX

Machine Learning



Git & Github


DBMS & MySql


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Work Experience


Teaching Assistant at PEPCODING, (June 2019 - Present)

  • I worked there as a Teacher assistant for the course on Data structures and Algorithm.
  • Helped students by clearing their doubts, tried improving their question solving ability by providing new and novel problems to them.

Academic Projects

  • Criminal Data Searching App
    (2nd Year) 2018 - 2019
     SKILLS INVOLVED: JAVA Swing using NetBeans, MySQL DB & JavaCV(Opencv).
     OBJECTIVE: It’s a JAVA based desktop App to search any criminal record from database using any key like IMAGE, USERNAME, or other detail.
     DETAIL: Using Image Comparing method using JavaCV we can compare image of any people to find in database and if found extract its information.
  • School Management System
    (2nd Year) 2018 - 2019
     SKILLS INVOLVED: JAVAFX using NetBeans & MySQL.
     OBJECTIVE: It’s a JAVA based desktop App to manage school-based records.
     DETAIL: Create three portals – 1. Admin Portal 2. Teacher Portal 3. Student Portal.
    1. Admin Portal used to manage “Teacher & Student portals” login related issues.
    2. Teacher Portal includes uploading attendances of respective subjects, etc.
    3. Student Portal includes monitoring of their attendances & respective year’s notice, etc.


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